The 7 best winning online casino games in 2021

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Sometimes it’s good to get caught up in gambling fever. With a little luck, you can even win big. But it’s not every day that you have the opportunity to get dressed up and spend an evening at the casino, if you’re lucky enough to have one near you. We’ve put together below a selection of the best online casino games to liven up your free time wherever you are. 

Fakir Dice Slot

If you’re quick and responsive, this online game is for you! On the screen, 3 rows and 5 wheels will make you thrill in this slot game on the theme of the thousand and one nights. Here, speed is the key word that will open the treasure cave for you. Very popular, it offers players unparalleled action and excitement.

Mega Wheels

This slot machine game takes up the aesthetics of the casinos of yesteryear. If you want to rediscover the pleasure of playing without the contemporary artifice of video games, Mega Wheels will meet your expectations. Here, no background story or complex graphics to distract your attention. Only the game matters! You will still be able to use a fruit-themed mode to change some of the monotony.


Probably the most ancestral casino game, Baccarat originated in the 15th century when the original Italian game was introduced to King Charles VIII. Don’t worry, here the medieval has given way to the Las Vegas fashion that brought the game back to the forefront in 1959. This version will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of this game without the complexity that it may seem at first glance.

European Roulette

Roulette is probably the most iconic game in the casino world. With all the elements of this classic game, European Roulette will make you feel as if you were actually at the table with the dealer at your side. Created in France in the 18th century, this game will give you 37 reasons to turn your head.

Gobs ‘n Gold

If you’re a gamer at heart but are tempted by the possibility of hitting the jackpot, don’t hesitate to dive into the adventure of Gobs’n Gold. This role-playing game puts you in the shoes of a young hero whose goal is to master the magic to capture the goblins’ gold. This dice game designed by Gaming1 will transport you to a dungeons & Dragons universe full of action and twists.

Multihand BlackJack

A great rival to slot machines, BlackJack is a real pleasure to play. In addition to making you feel like James Bond face in Casino Royale, you will enjoy its playful and easy to understand interface. You don’t need to be a card expert to get into the action.

Joker Poker

If you have the confidence and are the master of the bluff, Joker Poker will test your limits. This video poker game gives you an unprecedented advantage: you can use the joker to replace any card. Aces fulls, straight flushes, and other hands that will satisfy you. And if you’re more interested in betting, the site has a section dedicated to soccer predictions that can pay off.

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