Sports betting tips for advanced players: Always win safely with Surebets

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As the last of our advanced sports betting tips, we now want to introduce you to a way for mathematics-savvy sports betting professionals to make safe winnings. These bet on so-called Surebets. Simply put, a professional bets on a so-called Surebet with a 3-way bet on all three outcomes. And that is with different bookmakers with different stakes. He distributes his bets in such a way that no matter what the result is, he always wins. This win is relatively low, but it is safe. A so-called “profit factor” comes into play for the calculation. In a 3-way bet, this is made up of the sum of (100:odds1) + (100:odds 2) + (100:odds 3). The result must have a value below 100. Only if the value is less than 100, the safe bet is on all three options. The selection of the suitable options with three different bookies will be done by our Surebet calculator.

Really successful betting

However, we believe it is important that you do your own calculations at least once and thus understand the system and its formulas. Now the magic consists of distributing the stakes in a sensible way. Again, a formula is used for each odds. You determine the total stake once. For our example we take 100$. Then we calculate the stake for each odds with the following formula: (100:profit factor) x (100$:odds). The brackets will be resolved first, you have calculated the profit factor before and in the field “Odds” you put the respective odds of the three odds and thus calculate the stake. Now these three bets are placed with different bookmakers. You cannot place them with only one bookmaker. This is excluded by the terms and conditions. We have presented all formulas with calculation examples in the guide to the Surebets.

There you will find further information and professional tips on how to round up and down your bets and how to “type” under the radar when you play with this system. We also go into detail about the dangers that await you when placing such bets. If you place bets with three different bookmakers at the same time, there is always the risk that the odds change during the betting process. Your calculations are then no longer correct.

Ideally, however, you have already selected an alternative candidate in advance. We also go into detail about the aspect of winning with this betting option.

Surebets are only worthwhile if the effort is limited!

Because the actual winnings are relatively manageable. On the other hand, there is a relatively high effort of mathematical calculations, if you do your own calculations. On the one hand, this is not everybody’s cup of tea, on the other hand, the time required should not be immeasurable. Otherwise a mini profit is not worthwhile at all. But for those who don’t like the math aspect so much, there is our Surebet calculator. Just choose a suitable bet from our Surebet list, place it on three bookies with different stakes and check if you enjoy this system game. If so, daily winnings are guaranteed!

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