Sports betting is becoming more and more popular – Is winning money so easy now?

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Nearly every youngster who crosses his fingers for a team in the German Bundesliga has now made contact with sports betting. Through TV commercials, sponsoring contracts or the advertising on the jerseys or the edge of the pitch, one can see that betting providers now run enormously offensive advertisements.

But how does a sports bet actually work and what are the risks involved in placing it? We took a closer look at these questions and did some research. There are a few things that betting fans must be aware of before bets can be placed.

Find a suitable betting provider

First of all, soccer fans have to register with a so-called online bookmaker in order to be able to place a bet at all. In the meantime, there are numerous providers who provide their sports betting services online.

By bonus actions for new customers, the betting provider promises a bonus credit, which is usually added on the first deposit. But already here the first small hook is waiting. Of course, no betting portal in the world would provide a bonus credit without conditions. By claiming the bonus credit, the attached conditions are agreed to, so that the bonus credit is not payable for the time being. With the conversion, which usually specifies a certain amount and a minimum quota, the player starts to convert the bonus credit into real money so that it can be paid out afterwards.

However, before the betting starts, betting friends must make a deposit into their betting account. Different payment methods offer a safe and fast deposit, so that you can start with your first bet just a few seconds later.

How to find the right bet

There are numerous strategies that tippers around the world use. The most important thing is to gather all kinds of information before placing a bet. Player losses, suspensions, a comparison of the two opponents and so on.

In addition to their own strategy, there are also sports betting portals that provide their readers with various betting tips, mostly free of charge. Online, for example, betting friends will find numerous predictions that can be easily followed up with a bookmaker. There one can pursue its own strategy, which considers different games. In addition to the winner bet (1X2 bet), bets are often placed on goals, corners, the so-called handicap or numerous other betting options.

So we would be right at the next step. Before you place a bet with the bookmaker of your choice, you should consider all possibilities. Often a tip on goals is much more suitable, as long as there is no favorite in a game. In the meantime, numerous betting options are offered, so that newcomers will look a bit confused at the beginning and have to get an overview first.

Even lower-class leagues are now offered by betting portals

If you think that you can only bet on international top leagues or competitions, you are completely wrong. Even lower-class leagues such as the regional leagues in Germany are now permanently offered, so that you can also bet on a regional club from the surrounding area.

Of course, bets on soccer are the most popular bets made by the players. But also other sports such as basketball, tennis, handball, rugby, American football or even eSports are now offered, so that you can make your favorite sport more exciting at any time by placing a bet.

Teenagers and soccer fans bet almost weekly

Especially when it comes to the weekend, the European top leagues start their games. Young people and soccer fans in particular bet on results, winners, goals, etc. almost every week.

In the meantime, there is even open discussion about sports betting. Over a beer in a pub, over a water pipe in the so-called shisha bar or at work, the topic of sports betting is now represented, whereas years ago it was considered taboo to talk about gambling.

Sports betting remains a game of chance

You often hear about very special strategies and high profits. Nevertheless, newcomers will soon find out that sports betting is still a game of chance. Since you can’t interfere with the course of the game, the only hope for a betting friend is that the team you have typed will win.

Of course, a lot of information can help you to get a better starting position. But not every newcomer cares about failures or the direct comparison of the two teams. Especially in the beginning, the name alone is decisive for placing a bet. Favorites such as FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool and Co. are the favorite destinations of the tippers.

Based on this season, you can quickly see why sports betting is often associated with a loss. Both the record champion and Dortmund did not manage to win every match. So if a betting friend only bets on the favorites, he will have to accept a loss in the long run.

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