Slot games bonuses and features

bonus at slot machine

Bonus Games: Video fun slots have symbols, usually scatter symbols, that will trigger a fun bonus round where players can win even more. Bonus rounds help improve the fun. You have to unlock the bonus round, but after that you will be able to improve your winnings with multipliers, free spins and more. Some bonus rounds will advance the history of your game.

Free Spins

Free spins allow online players to spin the reels for free while keeping their winnings. These are usually triggered by a combination of scatter symbols and are a great way to boost your gameplay.


With multipliers, French players receive additional winnings each time they get a winning combination on one of their spins. Multipliers are usually triggered during free spin cycles and can often lead to big cash payouts. They increase your payout on a winning combination with their multiplier value.

Expanding Joker

They help make more winning combinations and increase your payout with each round. They can often cover the entire reel and are a great option.

Spinning Spins

This is a feature found in free Microgaming games. They are also found on NetEnt titles, but the feature is called staggered reels. When this feature is available for free, any symbol that was part of a winning combination will disappear once you receive your winnings and new symbols will appear so that you have a better chance of winning on the same spin.

Click And Choose

This is normally available in bonus rounds and is another way for players to interact with the free game. You have to choose a number of boxes and each one increases your winnings.

Stackable Joker

Gives you more chances to win because they are stacked on top of each other so you can win 2 or 3 times depending on your turn and you can even trigger extra bonus rounds.


Are one of the best features. They are different from normal symbols because they don’t have to be on an active payline for you to win. You usually have to get three or more scatter symbols to trigger a payout. Scatter symbols are also used to trigger bonus rounds.

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